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Group of students at Egypt hospital

Pharmacy professor teaches personalized medicine in Egypt

Christina Aquilante, PharmD, was struck by many things during a recent trip to Egypt. Foremost was the profound thirst for knowledge displayed by health providers and students who enrolled in Aquilant... more

February 23, 2017

Emergency Department staff

Fighting opioid misuse by linking electronic health records, databases

Doctors should be able to rely on new technology to fight opioid misuse, University of Colorado School of Medicine (SOM) Assistant Professor Jason Hoppe, DO, believes. But so far, existing systems suc... more

February 22, 2017

Money and piggy bank

Flash Forward events, online challenge put simple financial strategies in focus

Whether you’re 25 or 65, making smart decisions about your money and debt now will benefit your entire future. If you’re ready to get a clearer picture of your financial future and learn how to sh... more

February 21, 2017

METHOD app shows individualized biometric data

METHOD fitness app prescribes personalized exercise as medicine

The patient breathes harder as his workout intensifies. His metabolic fingerprint – heart rate, oxygen level and other data – streams onto a tablet in the form of a colorized digital bar that show... more

February 21, 2017

Stock photo of rehabilitating patient

Psychologists with holistic approach to rehabilitation bring therapy into homes

Rehabilitation psychologists might not be as well-known as physical and occupational therapists, but the specialists have emerged as integral players in the recovery process for many victims of catast... more

February 16, 2017

Brain lab at CU Anschutz

Middle schoolers dissect brains, peer into healthcare careers

As soon as 20 middle school students step into the hall and put on white lab coats and glasses, a noticeable change comes over them. There’s a sense of confidence, of feeling important. “It feels ... more

February 16, 2017

Students from the Culinary Medicine/Culinary Dentistry present a meal they prepared

Our students don chefs’ hats to further their education

On a recent Friday, Gabriela Andrade, a second-year dental student from the CU Anschutz School of Dental Medicine (SDM), was putting the finishing touches on a group project. She stacked sandwiches on... more

February 9, 2017

methadone dose

Student’s study for state health department links heroin, opioid abuse

Lindsey Kato takes the opioid epidemic personally — the Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH) alumna has lost eight friends to heroin overdoses. She said most of those friends began abusing... more

February 9, 2017

protein sources

Research investigates role of protein in obesity

Obesity in Latin America is increasingly concentrated among women of low socioeconomic status, but surprisingly little is known about what such women eat or how their diets compare to others. Yet in a... more

February 8, 2017