• Study puts mechanical hearts in spotlight

    What happens when heart failure patients lose a pulse?

    For more than two decades, Jim Walsh’s heart has been an uncertain ally. Like all of us, Walsh, 67, relies on that vital muscle to keep blood pumping to his body.… Full Story

    May 9, 2017
    Tyler Smith
    cardio lab at CU Anschutz
  • Wedding vows give patient a final victory

    Palliative care paves the way for hospital nuptials

    In the softly lit chapel, the bride-to-be waited patiently. It was a moment that might have been dipped in amber and preserved forever.… Full Story

    September 24, 2015
    Tyler Smith
  • The long goodbye

    Eight years later, wrecking ball reduces old hospital to rubble

    Editor’s Note: The former Biomedical Research Building located at Ninth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard is scheduled to be imploded at 8 a.m.… Full Story

    August 25, 2015
    Tyler Smith
  • A win-win

    Partnership with Broncos could be 12th man for UCHealth

    On the Chinese zodiac, the year of the horse was last year. For University of Colorado Health, it arrived this year.… Full Story

    August 12, 2015
    Tyler Smith
  • Reconstructive surgery after grizzly attack

    ‘The bear had removed his nose and cheek’

    ​In June 2013, Nic Patrick toted an irrigation shovel on an early-morning ramble with his dog to water the meadows on his Wyoming ranch.… Full Story

    April 9, 2015
    Tyler Smith
  • UCH, UCHealth and Ebola

    Risk is low, but preparation is high

    By Tyler Smith | UCHealth A month after the first person was diagnosed in the United States with the Ebola virus, University of Colorado Health continues a sweeping effort to prepare should a suspected Ebola case arrive at its doors.Full Story

    November 5, 2014
    Tyler Smith
  • Prepping for Ebola

    UCHealth continues planning to handle possible cases

    ​by Tyler Smith and Erin Emery | UCHealth September 30 was just another normally busy day at University of Colorado Hospital for Safety Officer Pat Conroy.Full Story

    October 24, 2014
    Tyler Smith