A mother goose and her babies live on a parking island at Anschutz Medical Campus​AURORA, Colo. – The babies have arrived and the mother goose nesting on the Anschutz Medical Campus by the Georgetown parking lot (just north of Education 2) is doing her best to help her flock figure out how to navigate safely around the area.   

Our cameras caught up with the family as the babies were headed back to the nest after a short stroll. But the curb was a tad too tall until a helpful human — who must have witnessed their struggle earlier — placed a brick to give the little ones a ‘leg up’ to scale what must have felt like a mountain. 

Mother Goose then turned her bill to the brick and guided the little ones, one-by-one, to step up on the curb and return to the nest. 

CU Denver Biology Professor Diana Tomback, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, told us the mom will care for her young until they are independent. 

While we have not seen her mate anywhere, Canadian geese do pair for life.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist Jim Dubovsky agreed that the ‘family’ will stay together as a unit for a year, then the parents will start to push off the young so they venture off on their own. 

“In geese, both adults are very protective of their young and will protect them from harm,” said Dubovsky “even to the point of chasing humans away if they feel threatened.”

Tomback also reported that another pair of Canadian geese seems to have taken up spring residence on the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver. They’re living around the lawn area along Speer Boulevard in front of the North Classroom Building. No babies haven been reported yet.

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy the view, but to keep a distance and not harass the birds.


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