AURORA, Colo. – The CU Technology Transfer Office announced news of a patent granted to three researchers. They are School of Medicine researchers and CU Cancer Center members Richard Duke, Medical Oncology; Donald Bellgrau, Immunology, National Jewish; and Jerome Schaack , Microbiology.

This patent is for a method of treating cancer using viral vectors that express a protein which induces tumor cell death (apoptosis). This patent is part of a portfolio of intellectual property being commercialized by ApopLogic Pharmaceuticals, a company founded by Duke and other CU cancer researchers in 2005 to develop a variety of CU anti-cancer technologies. The company received a $100K proof-of-concept investment from CU to help move its programs forward.

The CU Tech Transfer Office began prosecuting this family of patents on behalf of the university in 1995; it includes several U.S. and foreign patents. U.S. 8,715,645 (“Viral Vectors Encoding Apoptosis-Inducing Proteins and Methods for Making and Using the Same”) was filed in April 2004 and issued on May 5, 2014.

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