Moataz ElkasrawyMoataz Elkasrawy, DDS, PhD, has focused his research in the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine (SODM) on bond strengths of experimental orthodontic bracket adhesives. His research specifically is looking at bonding materials that are either BPA-free or contain amorphous calcium phosphate.

As a result of this work, Elkasrawy recently has given numerous presentations of his findings, including participating in two international competitions held in the U.S.

Most recently Elkasrawy was at the ADA/Dentsply Student Clinicians Research Program in San Francisco. There he placed third in the Clinical Science/Public Health Research Division, on Oct. 20. He was among 70 students in the competition who represented schools in the United States as well as those selected from 35 other countries.

Elkasrawy is at CU from Egypt as part of the SODM’s International Student Program (ISP).

His recent accomplishments follow a tradition of achievement of previous CU SODM students who have won awards at the ADA. They are last year’s Christopher Walker, 2011; Nicholas Wilson, 2009 (who also presented at 5 IADR/AADR meetings); Demetrios Sypres, 2001; Shelly Fritz, 1993; Laurel Leslie, 1991; Janet Tucker, 1998; Tim Bishop, 1985; John Sexton, 1978; and Brant Bradford, 1975.

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