Students walk to class in the sloppy conditions of a spring storm Tuesday morning.

DENVER and AURORA, Colo. – The storm that moved into the greater metro area overnight is a chilly, wet reminder of ‘springtime in the Rockies.’

When forecasts indicated possible snowfall from a little to a lot, the university’s emergency responders, including Police Chief Doug Abraham, reached out to communicators to be on alert that excessive snowfall could impact operations on both the Anschutz Medical Campus and the Denver Campus with Auraria.

“We’re constantly monitoring conditions to ensure that we’re prepared,” Abraham said. “We work closely with our Facilities team which also really works to be prepared to manage snow removal to ensure safe conditions on our campus.”

As experienced today, spring storms can mean snow but spring also brings the potential for tornados. Fast changing weather conditions can pose significant threats. At such times, providing information is critical.

As part of the overall focus on campus safety and security, the university’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) includes a variety of tools to provide accurate and timely information for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The ENS tools are:
–Toll-free phone line 1-877-463-6070
–Alert website at
–Public Address (PA) System and audible alarm systems in buildings — Anschutz only, though
–Mobile electronic signage available on the Anschutz Medical Campus

–​LED and LCD signage, primarily in the Anschutz Medical Campus ED buildings
–Emergency electronic messages delivered to university email accounts
–RAVE system available to all students, faculty and staff using university-issued email for registration
–You can monitor local broadcast news media for information we provide to them for broadcast.

Nearly six years ago, the university began offering a service at no cost for individuals to register personal phone numbers to receive voice and/or text messages during emergency situations, such as weather, but including other types of threats. All students, faculty and staff can register their information – which is confidential – in the RAVE system.

The RAVE service is available for both our Anschutz Medical Campus and Denver Campus in partnership with our Auraria colleagues – Metropolitan State College of Denver, Community College of Denver and the Auraria Higher Education Center. Altogether, more than 36,000 individuals are registered for the service, of that nearly 10,000 are CU Denver l Anschutz Medical Campus students, faculty or staff.

If you have not registered in RAVE, take a few minutes now to take advantage of this free service. If your contact information has changed since you originally signed up, again, take a few minutes now to update. Just go to: and log on using your email account.

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