Alan R. Seay, MD and Randall J. Cohrs, PhD

​By Andy Gilmore l University Communications

AURORA, Colo. – Seventy-four CU Denver l Anschutz Medical Campus faculty members were honored for 25 years of service to the University during a reception last week in the Trivisible Room at the Anschutz campus.

(Photo: Honorees, on left, Alan Seay, MD, professor, Pediatric Neurology, and Randall Cohrs, PhD, research professor, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine)

University Chancellor Don Elliman led the tributes to the “amazing group” of individuals who have been at the university long enough to witness the “transformation and consolidation of the institution.” Elliman continued by noting that “faculty are the lifeblood of an institution” and joked that although the university couldn’t stretch the budget to give each one a gold Rolex, the institution is very grateful for their continued standard of excellence.

Many of the 74 honorees were able to attend the ceremony and were rewarded with a medal to commemorate their achievement.

One of the attendees was Brenda J. Allen, PhD, associate vice chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, who described the wealth of opportunities and options that the university has provided her over the last 25 years.

“From being recruited as an assistant professor to now being at the executive level is pretty awesome,” she said. Allen believes the institution has changed a lot over the last 25 years by conscientiously striving to keep up with change, “whether the change is through programs, technologies or initiatives.

“The university’s commitment to our over-arching mission of education is part of why I’m still here,” Allen said.

After collecting his medal, Randall J. Cohrs, PhD, professor, School of Medicine Department of Neurology, praised the culture of collaboration at the university. Cohrs said when colleagues from out of state visit the Anschutz Medical Campus “they just love it here.

“This campus is a beautiful place, it’s up to date, it’s still new, and it’s very inviting,” he said. “I wouldn’t move back. When I find something good, I stay with it.” 

The 74 faculty recognized for 25 years of service: 

College of Architecture and Planning
Robert Flanagan
Taisto Makela
Hans Morgenthaler 

College of Arts & Media
Kent Homchick

Business School
Marcelle Arak
Gary Kochenberger
Manuel Serapio

School of Dental Medicine
Charles Harrold
Thomas Hebda 

School of Education and Human Development
William Davis

College of Engineering and Applied Science
Brian Atkinson
Chwen-Yuan Guo
Joseph (Ken) Ortega
Jonathan Wu 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Brenda Allen
Pamela Laird
Steven Medema 

School of Medicine
David Badesch
John Cambier
Randall Cohrs
Kathryn Crisler
Arthur Davidson
Edward Dempsey
Stephen Dreskin
Julia Drose
Robert Eckel
Wilbur Franklin
Ronald Freund
Fabia Gamboni
Katheleen Gardiner
Satish Garg
Erwin Gelfand
Ronald Gibbs
Alexis Giese
Ronald Gill
Michael Gordon
Brian Greffe
Greg Gutierrez
Teresa Hall
Kathryn Hassell
Janet Henson
Graham Hoffman
James Hooker
Dalan Jensen
Lisa Kosmiski
Jan Kraus
Christina Leslie
David Lynch
Barry Make
Richard Martinez
Robin McEvoy
Elizabeth McFarland
Arlen Meyers
Susan Mikulich-Gilbertson
Michael Narkewicz
Terry Potter
Paula Riggs
David Rubinstein
Alan Seay
James Shira
Christopher Silliman
Elaine Spector-Christensen
Andrew Steele
Karen Stevens
David Tanaka
Stephen Vogler
Frederick Wamboldt
Thomas Whitehill
Richard Wright
Lawrence Wysocki
Martin Zamora  

College of Nursing
Diane Skiba
Tammy Spencer

Colorado School of Public Health
Janette Beals

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