Eye surgeons at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) are using their scalpels less and instead embracing the latest technology for removing cataracts: bladeless cataract surgery.

The LenSx ® machine uses an incredibly precise laser to make incisions in the cornea, resulting in better patient outcomes and fewer complications compared to traditional cataract removal surgeries. The UCH Eye Center is the first in Denver to offer this technology.

A cataract is a cloudiness of the lens inside the eye, and it will gradually get more severe as we age. Patients might need more light to read or see glare or haloes around lights. Most people with a cataract will experience a gradual decrease in eyesight.

In addition to the precise, computer-guided incisions, the LenSx ® laser will also help break the cataract into small pieces so it can then be more easily removed.

Using precise measurements of the eye obtained prior to surgery, the surgeon will then place an artificial lens inside the eye. This lens will correct the patient’s vision, and it can even correct their astigmatism.

Richard Davidson, M.D., a specialist in cornea and cataract surgery at the University of Colorado Hospital Eye Center, says his patients have been very pleased with the procedure.

“The LenSx ® laser helps make this entire procedure incredibly quick and accurate,” said Davidson. “Our patients are home the very same day and oftentimes state that their vision has never been better.”

The LenSx ® femtosecond laser is the first laser in the United States to be FDA approved to perform laser-based, blade-free, cataract surgeries. Femtosecond lasers emit pulses with durations of about one quadrillionth of a second.

Any patients interested in more info should call the University of Colorado Hospital Eye Center at (720) 848-2020 to request an appointment.

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