Mother Goose awaits arrival on Anschutz Medical Campus

Mother’s Day may be over for this year but one ‘mom-to-be’ at the Anschutz Medical Campus is still waiting to see her brood. She’s nesting in anticipation of her ‘special day.’

Mother Goose also is getting some extra special attention these days because she’s built her nest in a rather busy spot in the Evergreen Parking Lot.

Members of the Facilities Management Team are keeping an eye on things, and to help ensure a positive outcome, they have done what they can to ensure she is safe – setting up a perimeter to keep people from walking right up to her, alerting people to keep off the corner where she has decided to welcome her family. Other ‘well wishers’ are making sure food and water are nearby.

We checked in with the state office of Colorado Division of Wildlife and confirmed that geese, as migratory fowl, are protected in the State of Colorado. Fines for harming a goose can be quite high. “We also want everyone to know she is protected,” said Carol Calkins, director of facilities support services. “She has been known to hiss at people so while we have set up the area to make sure people know she’s there, we also want everyone to be safe when coming close by.”

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