By Marcia Neville | University Communications

AURORA, Colo. – The mission of U2 musician Bono’s ONE organization is advocacy in the global fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases. On World Food Day, Tuesday, Oct. 16, ONE’s focus will be on world hunger and malnutrition with events in six locations across the country, including the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

ONE is also coordinating a nationwide mass tweet to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 10am MDT asking for her help in reducing chronic malnutrition.

Speakers at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center event will include John Peters, PhD, chief strategy officer at the center, former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and celebrity chef Hosea Rosenberg winner of “Top Chef Season 5.”

Taking center stage at the events nationwide will be the humble, and highly nutritious, sweet potato, with local cooking demonstrations and tastings provided by Paolo Neville, executive chef at Bistro Elaia which is located in the lobby of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

“Chef Paolo will demonstrate just a few approaches to preparing sweet potato dishes that not only taste delicious but maintain the important nutritional content of a vegetable that has the potential to make an enormous impact on the health and well-being of individuals around the world,” said Jim Ellis, MBA, director of Operations at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

Ellis added, “Through the innovative combination of this high-profile educational event and its related call to action using social media, we hope to be a part of motivating our fellow citizens and our government to take concrete steps that move the needle in improving the quality of life for individuals and nations across the globe.”

ONE is advocating the traditional sweet potato and a new bio-fortified version packed full of vitamin A as one solution to global hunger and malnutrition.

“Something as simple as raising awareness about the nutritional value of the sweet potato here in Denver can help save the lives of millions of children and prevent countless more from the life-long developmental problems that occur as a result of not having access to nutritious food,” said Tom Hart, ONE’s U.S. executive director.

“Along with other key nutrition interventions, social programs and investments, the sweet potato has the potential not just to save the lives of two-and-a-half million children every year, but to improve their future prospects as well,” added Hart.

Space is limited for the World Food Day event at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, so participants are asked to RSVP.

For those who can’t attend, ONE encourages everyone to join the millions expected to make their voices heard in the nationwide mass ‘tweet’ to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To do so, please copy the following text in your tweet:

@StateDept #SecClinton Create a #recipe4change. Put global nutrition on the agenda. 25mm kids are counting on it:

ONE cites statistics that say 3.5 million children die worldwide of malnutrition each year. The organization is calling on world leaders to make measureable commitments to reduce chronic malnutrition by 2016 and help 25 million children reach their full potential.

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