Campaign unveiled during National Nurses Week

​AURORA, Colo. – CU College of Nursing faculty, staff and students gathered May 9 to celebrate the profession at the National Nurses Week Celebration and Ice Cream Social. Adding to the festivities was the college’s roll out of an official new image campaign.

The events provided the perfect opportunity for the college to display new campaign posters, banners, flyers and exhibit displays showing how the campaign is being implemented throughout the college. T-shirts bearing the new tagline, “Be the nurse everyone looks to first,” were offered to all who attended the roll-out event. 

“Over the past year, we’ve determined that two things make the CU College of Nursing unique: leadership and excellence,” said Dean Sarah Thompson, PhD, RN, FAAN. “Evidence supports the fact that our faculty are looked to nationally for leadership; our alumni become chief nursing officers, deans, nurse scientists and educators; our new graduates are sought after by employers; and our programs are chosen first by prospective students. We are the college looked to first in Colorado and beyond. Now we have a brand that reflects that reputation.”

The campaign elements, a year in the making, feature faculty, students and alumni of the college. “Be the nurse everyone looks to first” encourages and inspires students, faculty, alumni and friends to achieve the next level by becoming the nursing leaders, providers, researchers, mentors, managers, educators and influencers in their communities.

In addition to the tagline, headlines are being used to promote various aspects of the college. These include:

  • We don’t just teach nurse practitioners. We invented them. (master’s programs and specialties)
  • Last year he was a student. Last night he was a hero. (bachelor’s programs)
  • Our programs pioneered the past. Our research unlocks the future. (PhD programs)
  • Health improvements don’t just happen. You make them happen. (DNP programs)
  • Our college isn’t for the average. Then again, neither is our calling. (general and alumni)

The next step for the the campaign is a redesign of the CON website, scheduled to launch in early June.

So far, feedback on the new image campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. The photos and tag lines “capture the heart and soul of who we are as well as the excellence and innovation embodied in our faculty, staff and students,” Thompson said.

The Nursing Student Council hosted a taco bar as well as a raffle of branded items, valuable textbooks, and supplies. The CU Student Nurses Association (CUSNA) sponsored the ice cream social, again this year.


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