Purple in the heart of the Anschutz Medical Campus

You may have noticed a sea of purple in the open space south of the Henderson parking garage on University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. The area is now filled with approximately 45,000 flags — some white, but mostly purple for national Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month.

It’s the work of Andy and Ashley Goodwin. They call the display “Heart in the Park” and came up with the idea after Andy’s father was diagnosed with advanced stage pancreatic cancer.

“It’s a horrible disease – my father in law was given three months to live a year ago. We feel really blessed that he doing as well as he is,” said Ashley.

The Goodwins and other volunteers placed a flag in the ground for each person in this country diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. More than 38,000 purple flags represent those that will die from the disease this year. The much smaller white heart is made up of 6,760 flags, representing those that will survive.

“Heart in the Park” is designed to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.

University of Colorado Cancer Center is hosting two presentations with a special focus on pancreatic cancer. The evening will feature presentations by physicians and scientists regarding the latest research. For more information you can call or email Lauren White: 303-724-7882 or [email protected].

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