​AURORA, Colo. – Cars, bicycles and pedestrians can co-exist safely when everyone knows and follows the ‘rules of the road.’ Ignoring right of way can be a dangerous mix.

CU Anschutz Medical Campus Police Chief Doug Abraham reminds us that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians each have responsibilities.

“And contrary to popular belief, pedestrians do not always have the right of way,” Abraham said.

Pedestrians – you only have the right of way when crossing at a crosswalk. All crosswalks on campus are marked with signage and markings on the road way. If you are crossing anywhere else, the vehicle has the right of way. There are ample cross walks on campus. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross at the crosswalks only. It’s also important to recognize that pedestrians cannot just step out in front of a motorist just because there is a crosswalk. Pedestrians must give motorists the opportunity and warning that they are entering a crosswalk.

Cyclists – you have an obligation to obey the vehicular traffic laws. You are required to stop at stop signs and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Riding on sidewalks is dangerous, please dismount when entering a sidewalk.

Motorists – pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of way. Our campus roadways are narrow and crosswalks are short. So, when you see a pedestrian entering a crosswalk or step away from a crosswalk, you are required to yield to them.

All of these laws are available in the Colorado Revised Statues 42-4-801, et al.

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus Police Department has a zero tolerance enforcement policy for motorists failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks Abraham said. If possible, pedestrians should report the license number of violators by calling 303-724-4444.

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