Colorado Center for Health and Wellness partners for state-of-the-art facility

The Colorado Center for Health and Wellness today announced it has partnered with Technogym and MediFit to offer a wellness experience unlike anything offered in the surrounding community. Combining cutting-edge equipment, unparalleled fitness facility management expertise and some of the world’s leading researchers all under one roof will give members unparalleled access to world class resources.

“Our mission with this wellness center is two-fold: to give our members a unique user-experience and to conduct research that will help us better understand the body’s physiological parameters while improving our understanding of weight-related and other chronic diseases,” said James O. Hill, Executive Director of the Colorado Center. “Technogym and MediFit are top-notch companies that have the accumulated technology and expertise to help us achieve this mission.”

Technogym, based out of Cesena in northeastern Italy, is well-known for its cutting-edge fitness equipment.  The company will be supplying the center with more than 100 cardiovascular and strength training units that will give members and guests a one-of-a-kind experience. The wellness center also will include Technogym’s Wellness System technology, which provides individual user performance data through software installed in every piece of equipment.

In conjunction with a customized fitness assessment, the Wellness System offers every member a roadmap that is then used to prescribe a highly engaging, customized wellness program based on his or her personal fitness or wellness goal. Members may then choose to track their activity and progress on any or all equipment or remotely through the use of My Wellness Portal.

“Our Wellness System allows both the user and the Center to gather data in a simple, user-friendly and effective manner,” said Brian Weiher, Regional Sales Developer-Commercial Division of Technogym. “We look forward to collaborating with the Colorado Center to help us track how the equipment is being used, and how we can continually make sure we are providing systems and equipment that exceed members’ expectations.”
In addition to the Wellness System, Technogym’s cardio equipment also features VisioWEB, a built-in digital platform that allows users to watch TV, interact on social media channels, or track their workout in real time. VisioWEB will also allow users to view the Colorado Center’s internal television channel where the Colorado Center’s activities, such as cooking demos and educational programming, will be broadcast.

In addition to providing leading-edge equipment, Colorado Center is engaging MediFit, a leading fitness and wellness management company to manage and operate the fitness component of the wellness center. With 220 sites in more than 30 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, and more than 2,000 employees, MediFit has broad and acclaimed expertise in designing and managing community and corporate health and fitness programs. MediFit and their clients have been recognized with several industry awards from leading organizations, including C. Everett Koop; National Business Group on Health; Association for Worksite Health Promotion; OSHA; and the American Heart Association. MediFit has been in operation since 1995 and has helped Americans make healthy lifestyle choices, get fit and achieve balance in their lives.

MediFit will lead all of the fitness components of the wellness center’s day-to-day activities – everything from running a wide range of customized fitness programs and services to leading numerous group exercise classes that will appeal to members of all activity levels. These include:

  • Personal training;
  • Wellness coaching; and
  • Group exercise classes, including aquatic exercise and cutting edge classes, led by the area’s best instructors.

“We’re committed to offering members industry-leading wellness programs tailored to individual needs that result in measurable health improvements,” said Kurt Atherton, chief operating officer of MediFit. “Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff members are skilled at helping our members achieve healthier lifestyles and increase their physical fitness,” he added.

Members of the community interested in becoming a member of the wellness center at the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness should call 1-303-724-WELL or email [email protected]. The Center is scheduled to open in April, however anyone interested in membership is encouraged to reserve a space now by calling the number or emailing the address listed above. A limited number of Charter Memberships are available.

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