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Guest Contributor


Caring for the Frontline promotes teamwork and self-care

Morning sunlight pours through windows at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, inviting guests to take a break to focus on their health. A team of six nurses from the UCHealth Outpatient Infusion Clinic, still dressed in scrubs, are eager to spend an afternoon learning about wellness, nutrition and fitness.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date July 09, 2019
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Women in STEM symposium tackles tough issues

After moving from Puerto Rico to the University of South Alabama for graduate school, Sonia Flores, PhD, encountered her share of biases. Recalling how she fit in to her new town and with her new classmates, Flores said, “It was a culture shock for me, and it was definitely a culture shock for them.”

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date July 02, 2019
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Campus Life

Grubstake Awards highlight remarkable return on investment

Pioneering research recognized by the 2018/19 Gates Grubstake Awards underscores promising strides in recent years in guiding basic science at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus toward commercialization and tangible benefits for patients.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 26, 2019
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Cancer care providers see benefit in medical marijuana, but not comfortable prescribing

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2019 shows that while 73 percent of surveyed oncology providers believe that medical marijuana provides benefits for cancer patients, only 46 percent are comfortable recommending it. Major concerns included uncertain dosing, limited knowledge of available products and where to get them, and possible interactions with other medications.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 18, 2019
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Patient Care

Help is only a phone call away with Real Help hotline

In life, there are highs and lows. Some are big and small. If you reach a point where you're feeling overwhelmed by the stress in your life - whether it's related to finances, relationships or any other issue - there's help through the Real Help hotline.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 11, 2019
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Patient Care

Heart of the matter: Doctors and designers collaborate to improve patient care

Among the projects of Inworks, a joint innovation initiative of the University of Colorado Denver and the Anschutz Medical Campus, one remains close to the heart. That is, the literal hearts from Inworks’ high-end polyjet printer, which produces 3D model organs for surgical planning. For a young patient of Max Mitchell, MD, the model hearts served as illustrative surgical tools and a showcase of the collaboration between doctors and designers.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 07, 2019
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How the opioid epidemic shaped my family

As a breast cancer scientist with a PhD in cell and molecular biology, typically when I stand in front of an audience, I know what the hell I’m talking about. And yet, I recently found myself talking about monsters in front of an audience of community members at an event called “Science in the News: The Opioid Epidemic”, part of a monthly series aimed at demystifying hot topics in science to the general public.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date May 07, 2019
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Prove it: National telehealth research network greenlighted

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is part of a team of researchers that has received a grant of $3.6 million for the SPROUT-CTSA Collaborative Telehealth Research Network.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date April 15, 2019
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