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Patient Care

Help is only a phone call away with Real Help hotline

In life, there are highs and lows. Some are big and small. If you reach a point where you're feeling overwhelmed by the stress in your life - whether it's related to finances, relationships or any other issue - there's help through the Real Help hotline.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 11, 2019
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Patient Care

Heart of the matter: Doctors and designers collaborate to improve patient care

Among the projects of Inworks, a joint innovation initiative of the University of Colorado Denver and the Anschutz Medical Campus, one remains close to the heart. That is, the literal hearts from Inworks’ high-end polyjet printer, which produces 3D model organs for surgical planning. For a young patient of Max Mitchell, MD, the model hearts served as illustrative surgical tools and a showcase of the collaboration between doctors and designers.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date June 07, 2019
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How the opioid epidemic shaped my family

As a breast cancer scientist with a PhD in cell and molecular biology, typically when I stand in front of an audience, I know what the hell I’m talking about. And yet, I recently found myself talking about monsters in front of an audience of community members at an event called “Science in the News: The Opioid Epidemic”, part of a monthly series aimed at demystifying hot topics in science to the general public.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date May 07, 2019
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Prove it: National telehealth research network greenlighted

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is part of a team of researchers that has received a grant of $3.6 million for the SPROUT-CTSA Collaborative Telehealth Research Network.

Author Guest Contributor | Publish Date April 15, 2019
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