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CU Anschutz faculty honored for 25 years of service

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Author Staff | Publish Date May 3, 2017


(from left) Robert McIntyre, Isabel Schlaepfer, Thomas Campbell (from left) Robert McIntyre, Jr., Isabel Schlaepfer, Thomas Campbell

CU Anschutz recently honored more than 25 faculty members for 25 years of service to the university.  Those honored included:

School of Dental Medicine

Douglas Heller, DMD


School of Medicine

Arne Beck, PhD

Thomas Beresford, MD

Thomas Campbell, MD

Richard Dart, MD, PhD

Debra Dyer, MD

Satish Garg, MD

Michael Hall, MD

Joy Hawkins, MD

Barbara Helfrich, MSc

James Hill, PhD

Edward Hoffenberg, MD

Allison  Kempe, MD

Susan Mandell, MD, PhD

Robert McIntyre, Jr., MD

Glenn  Merritt, MD

Gregory Owens, PhD

Robert  Quaife, MD

Jane Reusch, MD

Virginia Sarapura, MD

Isabel  Schlaepfer, PhD

Jeanelle Sheeder, PhD

Ann Watlington, MD

Jonathan Woodcock, MD

Liping Yu, MD


Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Douglas Fish, PharmD

Cathy Jarvis, PharmD


CU Chancellor Don Elliman presented the faculty with commemorative medallions and thanked them with these remarks:

"Our faculty—your talent—makes this place what it is. Over the last 25 years, you have revolutionized the field of healthcare. Only 18 years ago, virtually everything here today, except for building 500, didn’t exist. You, quite literally helped build this campus from the ground up. I want to thank all of you for your many years of hard work and dedication to the university."