AURORA, Colo. – We cannot comment on anything regarding the ongoing criminal investigation into the theater shooting in accordance with the order of Judge Sylvester on July 23, 2012.

The relevant section is included below.

We can, however, explain generally how mail is delivered on campus. The University centrally receives mail from the United States Postal Service. The University then delivers the mail to the address on the Anschutz Medical Campus the same day it is received. For example, mail delivered on a Friday is delivered on Friday. The University’s mail service is not open on Saturday. Saturday mail is sorted and delivered Monday morning. The University does not log or track mail/packages unless it requires a signature from the United States Postal Service.

From Section 1…

A. Any lawyer, law firm or legal representative (investigators of any firm) [OR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENY] associated with the prosecution or defense participating in or associated with the investigation or litigation of this criminal matter shall not, from the filing of a complaint, information or indictment, the issuance of an arrest warrant or arrest, until the commencement of the trial or disposition without trial, make or participate in making an extrajudicial statement that a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication and that does more than state, without elaboration:

  1. The claim, offense or defense involved and, except when prohibited by law, the identity of the persons involved;
  2. Information contained in the public record;
  3. That an investigation of a matter is in progress;
  4. The scheduling or result of any step in litigation;
  5. A request for assistance in obtaining evidence and information necessary thereto;
  6. A warning of danger considering the behavior of a person involved, when there is reason to believe there exists the likelihood of substantial harm to an individual or to the public interest;
  7. The identity, residence, occupation, and family status of the accused;
  8. If the accused has not been apprehended, information to aid in apprehension of that person; and
  9. The facts, time and place of an arrest as well as the identity of the investigating and arresting officers or agencies and the length of the investigation.

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