• 'It opened my mind to a health-centered career'

    Center for Women's Health Research offers third annual learning experience for high school girls

    This summer, the Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) and UCHealth partnered to host the third annual “Exploring Healthcare Careers for High School-Aged Girls,” an interactive learning opportunity for high school girls interested in exploring healthcare and science careers.… Full Story

    July 18, 2017
    Guest Contributor
  • 'Our mission is to educate'

    Center for Surgical Innovation improves OR safety worldwide by training thousands of surgeons each year

    Efficiency in health care is a subject that gets a lot of attention these days. A combination of efficiency and positive outcomes sums up the astonishing amount of activity that takes place at the Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI) on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.… Full Story

    September 15, 2016
    Chris Casey
    Surgical training at the CSI at CU Anschutz