November 16, 2012

AURORA, Colo. – The University of Colorado learned today that Judge Sylvester modified the order that previously prevented the University from responding to requests under the Colorado Open Records Act. In doing so, Judge Sylvester noted that his order “does not serve as a blanket release of all information held by the University of Colorado.” Instead, the University will “address any pending and future CORA requests pursuant to state and federal law, while considering the interplay with this Court’s previous orders.” The order notes that the University “will need to conduct the proper statutory analysis with respect to the requested records.”

The University has received more than 30 open records requests and will conduct exactly the careful analysis that Judge Sylvester’s order requires. In doing so, the University will comply with two equally important legal obligations. First, it will analyze each of the requests to determine whether it requests records that state or federal law does not permit the University to release. Second, after ensuring that it is allowed to release a particular document, the University will produce documents to those who have requested them. As a public educational institution, the University is committed to upholding the law in all respects.

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