Diversity & Excellence Grants fund innovative projects that promote inclusive excellence and diversity throughout the University of Colorado System.

Grants of up to $3,000 each are awarded to proposals that creatively advance the principles of diversity and inclusion in substantive ways.

Each of the four University of Colorado campuses forwards top proposals to a system-wide committee for review.

This year, the Diversity & Excellence Grants Advisory Board reviewed twenty-four proposals, with funding requests totaling $73,338. The Advisory Board recommended funding for fourteen proposals, three at CU Denver and five at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

CU Denver grants:

Proposal title: Indigenous Knowledge Series at the University of Colorado: Strengthening inclusive campuses through Indigenous research, perspectives, and pedagogies

Authors: Deborah Hunt & Mary Sommerville

Amount awarded: $3,000


Proposal title: Providing the Foundations for the ‘Colorado Organization for the Advancement of Diverse Scholars in Science – CU Denver’, Annual Seminar and Outreach Activities

Author:  Marino Resendiz

Amount awarded:  $3,000


Proposal title: Scholarship Funding for The Wildlife Experience at CU South  Denver

Authors: Erin Kendall and Samantha Moreno

Amount awarded:  $2,500


CU Anschutz grants:

Proposal title: health Professions opportunity day (hPod): Bridging Middle and High School Students to Health Careers

Authors: Abenicio Real & Vicky Saulsberry

Amount awarded:  $3,000


Proposal title: Improving Education on Diversity Issues in Public Health

Authors:  Carol Runyan, Jan Gascoigne and Carolyn DiGuiseppi

Amount awarded: $2,998


Proposal title: Leadership Education for Aspiring Doctors (LEAD): Creating the next generation of minority leaders in health systems management

Authors: Amira del Pino-Jones, Darlene Tad-Y, Emilie Keeton and Jeffrey Glasheen

Amount awarded: $3,000


Proposal title: MCAT Study Academy: A Collaborative Approach to MCAT Preparation

Authors: Beshoy Tawfik, Christian Valtierra and Kevin Kim

Amount awarded: $3,000


Proposal title: “Myrtle’s List:” Patient-Provider Empowerment Workshops

Authors: Janet Meredith and Margaret Brawley

Amount awarded:  $3,000



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